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Wind Mills


As the world is currently transforming to the use of clean energy system, we work toward carbon neutrality target, and at the same time, maintain the energy resilience of our country.

Why it matters?

Being the driving force for the socio-economic sector, energy is also classified as the biggest contributor to global warming. Currently, it produces two-thirds of global greenhouse gases, attributed to the anthropogenic activities. We are currently still relying on fossil fuel to produce electricity and heat/power in many applications. Therefore, our challenge to sustain our planet is to making reliable, clean and affordable energy available to everyone. At this research group, we believe that shifting operations and investments onto a low carbon path by using various means will support the economic and social growth and development. 

Selected research

  • Fly ash electrodes fabricated by an acid-assisted subcritical water extraction method for supercapacitor applications (Lie et al., 2023)

  • Pre-functionalized and lipid-dense post-hydrolysis rice bran as feedstock for FAME production via non-isothermal in-situ (trans) esterification with subcritical methanol (Go et al., 2022)

  • IoT-Based Public Street Lighting System (Laby, Joewono, Angka, 2022)

  • Efficient conversion of leather tanning waste to biodiesel using crab shell-based catalyst: WASTE-TO-ENERGY approach (Yuliana et al., 2021)

  • Double-shelled hollow mesoporous silica incorporated copper (II) (Cu/DS-HMS-NH2) as a catalyst to promote in-situ esterification/transesterification of low-quality palm oil (Rahadi et al., 2021)

  • Efficient One-Step Conversion of a Low-Grade Vegetable Oil to Biodiesel over a Zinc Carboxylate Metal–Organic Framework (Lunardi et al., 2021)

  • Iron (II) impregnated double-shelled hollow mesoporous silica as acid-base bifunctional catalyst for the conversion of low-quality oil to methyl esters (Suryajaya et al., 2021)

  • System for Controlling the Flow of Electricity in a Room through an Intranet Network in the Context of Energy Saving (Angka et al., 2017)

Solar Energy

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