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International Programs
in Faculty of Engineering

WMSCU International Program offers study abroad opportunities in many locations around the world, covering wide variety of fields and is developed through our close partnership with various universities/institutions. The study abroad opportunities include immersed study (Joint Degree Program and Double Degree Program), research and industrial internship, cultural and volunteer programs and many more.


With the acquired global skills and knowledge, students who study and live abroad tend to have a broader insight and are able to see the world from different points of view. You will gain understanding by living in an international community while experiencing new culture and language. With current employers demanding a global experience, the international program graduates will have the upper hand and stand out from the crowd.

Several international program provided by WMSCU includes Joint Degree Program, Double Degree Program, Research / Industrial Internship, International Cultural Program, International Community Services, and International Joint Activities (IJA).

Joint Degree Program

The program offers you two degrees at the same educational strata (Bachelor/Bachelor, or Master/Master) – one from WMSCU and one from our overseas university partners of your choice – in the same duration of study as the regular program (4 years for Bachelor Degree and 2 years for Master Degree). This program also offers future opportunities for financial support in further studies and international work placement.


Double Degree Program

In the Double Degree Program, we offer you two strata degree – one for Bachelor Degree from our university and one for Master Degree from our university partners. It is considered as a fast track program as you may pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the shorter time than the regular program. For example, 3 years in WMSCU and 2 years in our partner institutions to receive both Bachelor and Master Degrees.

Research / Industrial Internship

This program offers guidance and/or financial support for undergraduates to gain a hand-on research / industrial experience abroad. Staying abroad from weeks up until a year for an internship will give you academic and industrial experiences as well as new outlook of the world.

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International Community Service

This program runs in partnership with many overseas universities, where you may participate in volunteering works in local or international community. In this program, you will join a team of international students from many countries to serve the community through education, medical service, technology / economic development, and many more.

International Joint Activities (IJA)

IJA allows student to meet with a lot of international students and explore a certain problem from many different viewpoints. This program has been our university annual program, and is carried out in collaboration with our partners, namely National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST / Taiwan Tech, Taiwan), Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT, Japan), Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT, Japan) and many other universities.


Alumni Experience

Janet received a scholarship for a research training in Osaka Institute of Techology in 2018. She stayed in Osaka for a month and worked with Professor Muraoka in Applied Chemistry Department. She graduated from Chemical Engineering Joint Degree Program WMCUS in the summer of 2019.

Janet Yared

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