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Lean Manufacturing

The consumer goods demand is increasing rapidly, and so is the waste. In lean manufacturing, we work to minimize the waste and/or anything that does not add value and simultaneously, maximizing productivity during a manufacturing operation. 

Why it matters?

Efficiency has never been more important to the manufacturing industry than now. 

Highlighting the importance of this efficiency factor and how a manufacturing process can be very simple but is flexible for various improvements at all parts, lean manufacturing concept is a framework that is essential to be implemented. Many companies have practiced this methodology to manage their resources prudently and to minimize all types of wastes, be it the side products or other intangible factors like time, energy, labor, and money due to not-so-effective processes. 

Using this lean manufacturing principles, company may reduce cost, increase productivity, optimize time and people management to achieve profits.

Selected research

  • Identification and Prioritization of Lean Waste in Higher Education Institutions (HEI): A Proposed Framework (Mulyana et al., 2023)

  • Prioritize Business Process Improvement Plan using House of Quality and Modified House of Risk: a Case Study of Higher Education Institution (HEI) from Indonesia (Mulyana, Singgih, Partiwi, 2022)

  • Lean Waste Identification in Higher Education Institution Using Waste Assessment Model (Mulyana et al., 2022)

  • Identification of waste based on lean principles as the way towards sustainability of a higher education institution: A case study from Indonesia (Hartanti et al., 2022)

  • Managing the 8 wastes of Lean in a Higher Education Institution: An ISM-MICMAC Approach (Hartanti et al., 2021)

  • A Proposed of Lean Six Sigma Framework for Higher Education Institution (LSSF - for HEdu) To Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency of Higher Education in Indonesia (Mulyana, Singgih, Partiwi, 2021)

Manufacturing Assembly

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