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Study in Faculty of Engineering

Our programs offer depth and flexibility in curriculum, which is inspired by real-world problems and industrial cases.

Why study with us?

Current workplace requires creative and critical thinking graduates who are highly skilled and energetic, with good communication and collaborative ability. During your study in Faculty of Engineering WMSCU, you’ll gain a lot of unique academic and non-academic experiences while building your expertise, networks and exploiting your fundamental knowledge. These experiences will certainly help you to lead a successful and bright future.


Future students can continue their study in Faculty of Engineering WMSCU and apply to the study program of their choice. Generally, a Bachelor (S-1) Degree program will require students to finish 144 credit units of courses that will be divided into eight semesters in the duration of four years. However, with the bridging program we have, the students have more flexibility in their length of study.


First year

The first year will be the time to refresh your basic knowledge on your selected major, establish fundamental study concept and exploring new activities to give you a broad insight on the coming years of your university life. Engage yourself in the fun tutorial courses to strengthen your concept and find yourself a club offered by Faculty of Engineering WMSCU for more fun activities.


Second year

In the second year, you will start to focus on the applied courses and building your logic and practical skills through team presentation, laboratory experiments, field assignments, and more. You may start to build your teamwork and communication skill by actively engaging yourself in the group discussions and leading clubs, student exchange, joint activities, community service and other volunteering works. The gained experiences will stay with you for life.


Third and fourth year

It is by the third year that the student will start to focus on specific research projects, business practice and field works, which is designed to integrate your previous learnings. You can also start the specialize your expertise and pursue your passion by combining your discipline with others, by attending cross-listed (interdisciplinary) courses offered by other departments, which will set you apart from the others.

While the fourth year will be the continuation of the third year activities, it also provides you many career and industrial seminar and related courses to broaden your perspective. Connect with great minds to enrich your innovative thinking, skills and global experience. Also, take advantage of our industrial partnership for a future work placement.


Living in our city


Find information about Surabaya, where our main campus located


Living in our city


Find information about Madiun, where our satellite campus located

Study Abroad & Exchange

via our international programs

Faculty of Engineering's International Program offers study abroad opportunities in many locations around the world, covering wide variety of fields and is developed through our close partnership with various universities/institutions.


Our Graduate Pathway

Learn about the undergraduate (bachelor) pathway options, masters and profession degrees by coursework and research/internship you could be studying.


You may find several program after undergraduates to empower you with more competencies. Browse more for details.

In the Classroom

Looking for a personalized advice?

Find out more about our program and receive support for your application. You may speak to our staff online, browse more at our websites, or come to an upcoming event. 

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