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Our History

Find out our 40-year story and how the Faculty of Engineering emerges to what we are now.

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The Faculty of Engineering was established In 1982, and the Department of Electrical Engineering was the first study program. The second department was the Department of Chemical Engineering, which was founded in 1986. Then, in 1997, the Department of Industrial Engineering was established. In 2014, The Faculty of Engineering steps up the game by initiating the international program with Taiwan Tech (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), which is called as 2+2 Joint Degree Program. This program allows students to spend 2 years study in Faculty of Engineering WMSCU, then continue their study to the university partner. This 2+2 Joint Degree program has been extended to China in 2021, collaborating with Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

According to the mandate from the Directorate of Higher Education recommendation, WMSCU (among the other 40 appointed universities) founded the Engineer Profession Education Study Program in 2018. In 2020, the merger between WMSCU and WMSCU Madiun Campus made the Department of Industrial Engineering having two campuses, in Surabaya and Madiun.

Based on the latest national accreditation, Chemical Engineering has been accredited as "Unggul" (2019-2024), while Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering accredited as "Baik Sekali" (2019-2024). Engineer Profession Education is also accredited "Baik Sekali" (2021-2025), while our youngest department, the Chemical Engineering Master's Program is given "Baik Sekali" status by LAM TEKNIK, only two years after it was funded.

Faculty of Engineering also encourages students to follow the MBKM Program, which can be highlighted by these following routine activities:

- National/International Collaboration Research

- National/International Internship

- Minor program in other disciplines (Business and Management, Psychology, Communication) 

- National/International Volunteering Collaboration

- Problem-based project collaboration

- International Joint Activities on Science and Culture

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