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Information for parents
of prospective students

Parents play a vital role in supporting students to understand their university options, and making sure that their children well-informed about their future in Surabaya. Navigate this page to find what is right for your children.


Program for High School Students

Experience university life during high school by joining various programs hosted by Faculty of Engineering:

  • International Joint Activity with international universities and colleges,

  • We Reach Out Program 

  • Faculty of Engineering Course Sit-In

  • and many more

What makes us superior?

All programs in our Faculty of Engineering offer depth and flexibility in curriculum, which is inspired by real-world problems and industrial cases. Many bridging programs, elective/character building courses and also student activities are offered to facilitate students in earning wider knowledge and experiences in campus. Find our graduation pathway below.


Major courses (MC) is core subjects that provide general knowledges in a chosen field of study. Faculty of Engineering offers more than 100 major courses for undergraduate degree.

Elective courses (EC) is minor subjects giving specialized knowledge in the field of study, or outside the core discipline to allow students tailoring their individual skills to complete their career goals. Faculty of Engineering offers opportunity for students to take subjects in other departments/faculties. 

Character building (CB) is co- and/or extra-curricular subjects that may add value to the students life, and can be used to explore passions.


Access Our Surabaya and Madiun Campuses

Being in the center part of both cities, accessing and living near our campuses are pretty easy.

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