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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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We are a life-improving university

Faculty of Engineering aims to increase and improve people’s life with the core technological principles based on the spirit of Catholic principles. With those principles, the learning process at Faculty of Engineering has always been done with as our forefront methods to prepare our students as future leaders that we can be proud of.

Faculty of Engineering have been well acknowledged by many international and domestic institutions. This acknowledgment supports the formation of academic atmosphere that is conducive around the campuses. This has been formed well throughout many types of activities such as International Joint Program for Problem Based Learning, International Joint Program for University Social Responsibility, cross-cultural events, and overseas student internship.

Learnings at Faculty of Engineering are often enriched with the presence of adjuncts Professors and visiting Professors from many different international universities. Students at Faculty of Engineering are molded to be ready for domestic and international level challenges.


The quality of education at Faculty of Engineering is well accepted by overseas education institution that often give opportunities to our students to participate in Joint Degree Program and Double Degree Program. Joint Degree Program for the same educational strata, is where students can go through the study at WMSCU and an overseas University of their choice. For the Double Degree Program, student can finish the Bachelor Degree (S-1) in WMSCU and then continue the Master Degree (S-2) in an overseas University with an advanced standing that would cut the time required to graduate. Gaining a combination of undergraduate and graduate qualifications will help the students to stand out from the crowd.

Faculty of Engineering offers opportunities to improve your competencies, in creativity, leadership, communication skills and teamwork. There has never been a more exciting time than joining us. Help us achieve our bold vision, and share your career goals in Engineering.

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