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Supply-Chain Engineering

Under the umbrella of operation management, supply chain engineering covers quantitative logistics, production and pricing, which are among the most important aspects in many industries. 

Why it matters?

Supply chain engineering (SCE) is very crucial for the growth and prosperity of a company, as it works to optimize and discover solutions for efficiency problems along the production and operational supply chain. SCE creates strategies to improve production capacity and at the same time, decrease the revenue loss. 

At our group, we believe that small and medium entreprises (SMEs) have the same privilege as the big companies. However, to compete with big players and aim for customer satisfaction, SMEs have to offer good quality products at the lowest price available. Therefor, SCE is a vital partner to minimize product cost.

Selected research

  • The Product–Service System Supply Chain Capabilities and Their Impact on Sustainability Performance: A Dynamic Capabilities Approach (Dewi et al., 2023)

  • Supply Chain Capabilities to Improve Sustainability Performance of Product-Service Systems (Dewi and Hermanto, 2022)

  • Investigating the Relationship Between Product–service Systems Supply Chain Capabilities and the Sustainability Performance: A Case of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry (Dewi, 2021)

  • Sustainability issues of the coconut supply chain in Indonesia (Gunawan, Trihastuti, Mulyana, 2021)

  • Multimethodological Framework in the Development of Traceability Systems for Food Supply Chains (Gunawan, 2021)

  • Typical traceability barriers in the Indonesian vegetable oil industry (Gunawan, Vanani, Widodo, 2021)

  • Conceptual framework for Servitisation of the manufacturing companies to deliver Product – Service Systems Solutions: A study case of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry (Dewi, Pittayachawan, Tait, 2020)

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