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Teaming up with students

Various opportunities to engage with our students are provided for members of research institutes and industries, from start-ups to multinational companies. 


#1 - Internship

Supporting the curriculum of Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka, Faculty of Engineering WMSCU opens various opportunities for your organizations to offer internship program that can be joined by our students. This program may assist you with specific research/industrial projects or general workload, as well as create a channel to pre-screen your organization's future talents.

Internship should be offered for a period of at least 2 months and at most 6 months, depending on your needs. We will work with you to shortlist the best candidates for your review, and that they're good fit to your business.

In general, the internship can be flexible in time. However, to easily facilitate the students and keep them interested with the offer, here are three (3) important semesters in our academic year.

Odd semester: mid August - mid December

Even semester: early February - early June

Summer semester: early June - early August


How does it work?


Why hosting internship program?


  • Build your organization's capacity as you will receive assistance during the high workload period

  • Train your young talents prior to graduation, and pre-screen your future candidates

  • Work with students whose capabilities fit your organization, and boost your organizations capacity to take specific projects complimenting their skills

#2 - Become a Mentor

Faculty of Engineering welcome industrial/research professionals to become the mentor for our students, in their research and/or industrial design projects. Mentors and mentees will be matched depending on the projects. You may share your experience and knowledge with our students to improve their capacities in completing each project, while increasing your leadershipcompetency.

Benefits as mentor

  • Enhance your leadership skills by supporting your mentee to reach their career goals and develop confidences

  • Connect with next generation graduates and obtain new perspectives on your profession

  • Contribute to shape the future of your profession and professional community

  • Extend your network 

How to apply as mentor?

Talk with us for possible opportunities as mentor.​

#3 - Employment advertising opportunities

Have anything to share?

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