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Green Forest

Environment and Sustainability

Conserving natural resources and protecting ecosystems are our responsibilities, in order to support health and wellbeing of our future generations. By designing an environmentally-safe and sustainable system, we help to enhance our communities and environment. 

Why it matters?

Continuing exploration in the field of environmental science and sustainable approach is very crucial to keep our ecosystem balance, to reverse the damage and to prevent the future environmental destruction. Moreover, to achieve a complete circular concept, an act of sustainability shall be simultaneously enforced to maintain the diversity of life on earth and the health of resource-rich ecosystems. Our practices are to improve water and air quality and reduce all types of wastes, so that it can be guaranteed that we will have a cleaner and healthier living conditions for all communities in a long-term context.

Selected research

  • Removal of hexavalent chromium using durian in the form of rind, cellulose, and activated carbon: Comparison on adsorption performance and economic evaluation (Sulistyo et al., 2022)

  • Reduction of Graphene Oxide Using Citrus hystrix Peels Extract for Methylene Blue Adsorption (Prilliana et al., 2022)

  • Preparation of Fe-Based MOFs Composite as an Adsorptive Photocatalyst with Enhanced Photo-Fenton Degradation under LED Light Irradiation (Armando et al., 2022)

  • Polystyrene-templated hollow mesoporous magnetite as a bifunctional adsorbent for the removal of rhodamine B via simultaneous adsorption and degradation (Abadi et al., 2022)

  • Pesticide elimination through adsorption by metal-organic framework and their modified forms (Lunardi et al., 2022)

  • Preparation of mesostructure amorphous aluminum-methionine and its potency as adsorbent (Retnoningtyas et al., 2021)

  • Studies on the performance of bentonite and its composite as phosphate adsorbent and phosphate supplementation for plant (Angkawijaya et al., 2020)

  • Aqueous synthesis of highly adsorptive copper–gallic acid metal–organic framework (Azhar et al., 2020)

Urban Garden Architecture

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