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"Engineering makes everything simple" - Damas Wardana talks how he climbs the career ladder

Damas Wardana, known more as Damas, is an alumnus of the Faculty of Engineering, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University. Graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department, Damas started his career path from the entry level, as the junior production staff in Biodiesel Manufacturing at PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia, Gresik. Biodiesel, or so-called B20 diesel fuel is currently combined with petroleum diesel fuel to produce bio-solar.

Having chemical engineering on his study background gave him a greater understanding of huge-scale industries; from raw materials, processes, energy conversion to utilities and waste management.

After having enough experience, Damas decided to cross his career path into Consultant Services in Air Pollution Control Technology Engineering, with the focus on Electrostatic Precipitators in early 2019. With his experience and basic knowledge of engineering, Damas had been hired by an overseas (Taiwan) company as a Service Engineer to handle the South East Asia market in various industries, including power plants, pulp and paper, cement, sintering, smelting, and petrochemicals.

In early 2023, Damas started to work as an independent Consultant Engineer and is hired by one of the biggest European companies (ANDRITZ) to take over and finalize the Recovery Boiler Electrostatic Precipitator Unit-6 project that had already been delayed for 1 year. Due to his excellent contribution to the project, he is also trusted to work on the Recovery boiler and Vacuum Evaporator of Black Liquor project with capacity 15.000 ton/day for OKI Line-2 next year.

“Engineering is a way of life, engineering makes everything look simple, accountable, and possible”, he said.

Even though graduated as a chemical engineer, Damas now has a career in Project Management and High Voltage Electrical Engineering. As Damas’s motto said,

“As long as you have a willingness to learn, everything is possible.”

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