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Recognition of Prior Learning Program
(Rekognisi Pembelajaran Lampau)

Transfer your expertise to credits

The recognition of prior learning (Rekognisi Pembelajaran Lampau, RPL) program is recognition of one's learning achievements obtained from formal, non-formal, informal education, and/or work experience into formal education in the form of educational courses or qualifications.​

What majors are available?

Currently, the recognition of prior learning program is offered in all engineering majors, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering (both bachelor and master), Industrial Engineering (both in Surabaya and Madiun campuses). With a flexible curriculum and also evening/weekend classes, this program is suitable for an office/factory workers to experience a higher education in the university.

The program is arranged for the students to obtain their bachelor degree based on remaining credit for courses that cannot be recognized from previous formal education and work experience.

Below are the eligibility certificate of our programs.

Required documents

  1. Certificate from previous degree

  2. Transcript from previous degree

  3. Passport photo

  4. Self-assessment form, including work portfolio and proofs (FormRPL-01)

  5. Application form (FormRPL-02)

  6. Applicant resume form (FormRPL-03)

  7. Statement letter of study permit (only for ones who are currently working in the institutions/companies)

  8. Payment proof of registration fee

All information regarding the application procedures can be accessed below

Application procedures

Step I

Step II

Step III

Step IV

Step V

Applicant may read the registration guidelines below prior starting the application procedures:

After the applicant obtain their login details, then the applicant may login to the registration page below, and follow all steps.

The designated study program will assess the documents, and reach out to the applicant for an interview.

The assessment results of competency recognition will be issued in the form rector's decree, and emailed to the applicant.

The applicant completes all the required administration/ financial procedures, and obtain the student ID.

Let's get in touch

Christian Julius Wijaya

+62 81 336 699 907

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